Lab Tables and Caseworks

We can help to design and customize all the laboratory needs. Our lab table is easy installation, heavy duty, affordable, and certificated with ISO, CE.

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Stainless Steel Work bench

ZH LAB all-stainless steel cleanroom tables are fully-welded and designed to meet the most stringent cleanliness classifications.

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ISO CE Certificated

Only provide high-quality products with a heavy-duty and fashionable appearance. We can offer laboratory furniture that meets your highest standards, ensuring you are free from any client complaints.

Competitive Price

In our local area, we have established strong relationships with numerous raw material manufacturers. We consistently maintain large and stable purchase quantities from them every month, enabling us to offer you competitive prices.

Good Service

Our service aim is ‘Customers first.’ Our team consists of talented and experienced professionals who fully grasp all aspects of your business. Rest assured, all initial inquiries will receive a reply within 24 hours.

Laboratory Furniture Manufacturer

ZH LAB is a prominent laboratory furniture supplier and manufacturer based in China. Our diverse range of lab products includes mobile and fixed lab workstations and tables, as well as safety storage cabinets designed for hazardous materials like acids and flammable products. We also offer an extensive selection of chairs and stools to cater to your ergonomic requirements and specifications. Additionally, our product lineup features essential safety equipment such as shower and eyewash station for first aid, pass boxes, biological safety cabinets, laminar flow systems, and various other lab accessories.

Our products find widespread application in educational institutions, hospitals, research centers, and more. If your specific needs go beyond our standard furniture and seating offerings, rest assured that our skilled technicians are fully equipped to provide customized designs, specifications, and project estimates to suit your requirements.

steel lab table

Steel Lab Table

Steel lab casework is the optimal choice for any laboratory due to its durability and easy cleaning.

wood lab table

Wood Lab Table

Our wood lab table is thoughtfully designed with a metal frame, ensuring it can withstand heavy-duty usage and provide long-lasting durability.

lab table and bench

Stainless Steel Table with Cabine

Stainless steel tables with cabinets are designed with knee space and provide maximum storage capacity.

steel lab table

Clean Room Table

If your lab requires a hygienic and sterile environment, then a stainless steel work table will be the ideal choice.

steel lab table

Flammable Cabinet

Flammable storage cabinets can significantly reduce the risk of fire and protect both staff and equipment.

steel lab table

Acid Cabinet

Our corrosive cabinets are available in various sizes to meet specific application needs.

steel lab table

Lab Cabinet

Our metal lab cabinets are easy to clean and offer excellent fire resistance.

steel lab table

Shower Eyewash Station

We pride ourselves as your one-stop shop for combination emergency shower and eyewash stations.

steel lab table

Portable Eyewash Station

Our portable eyewash station is specifically designed for situations where there is no water supply or a need to change workplaces.

Why Choose ZHIHAO LAB?

We are the leading laboratory furniture manufacturer in Guangzhou, China, offering the lab furnishings you need, precisely when you need them. Our modular cabinets allow for quick delivery. In our local area, we have established strong relationships with many raw material manufacturers. As a result, we maintain a large and stable purchase quantity from them on a monthly basis.


Our experienced team of furniture specialists, project designers, and project managers is ready and available to guide you through the completion of your fast track lab renovation or new lab project. Our products are widely utilized in various laboratories, including those in universities, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, hospitals, CDC, and other testing associations.

You can save not only time but also your budget by acquiring products directly from us. After years of rapid development, we have gained extensive and accurate experience in lab furniture and lab equipment research and development. Our excellent team is dedicated to serving the laboratory construction industry.


ZH LAB has been approved by ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System, Occupation Health Safety Management System 45001:2018, and CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE. By persistently adhering to high-quality product standards to enhance the enterprise’s core competitiveness, we have established a positive reputation within the development process.

We are the biggest laboratory furniture manufacturer in Guangzhou, China

With a 20,000m2 production center and a team of well-trained professionals, we are fully equipped to meet all your specific requirements. Contact us today!

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A well-designed science laboratory must be equipped with high-quality lab furniture.

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