Acid Fume Hood

The PP (Polypropylene) acid digestion laboratory hood is mainly used in clean rooms with high environmental requirements, because the PP material has excellent acid resistance. Compared with all-steel fume hoods, its outstanding acid and alkali resistance allows for higher intensity acid-base experiments, making it irreplaceable. It can be applied in high-intensity acid-base experiments and purification rooms. The corrosive hood is purely handcrafted, fully welded, and durable.

Acid Digestion Fume Hood Features

Material: The upper and lower cabinets are made of high-quality flame-retardant Class A PP board (polypropylene) with a thickness of 8mm, which is resistant to strong acid and alkali, chemical substances, and impact. The whole body has the characteristics of resistance to strong acid, chemical substances, impact resistance, and corrosion resistance. The lower cabinet is designed with “square tube structure” and “T” structure, providing good load-bearing capacity.

Lining: Imported acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant PP board is used as the lining material, with a three-stage exhaust design to ensure complete discharge of harmful gases produced during different experiments. The installation size is scientifically reasonable, with no dead corners for airflow and maximum exhaust capture performance.

Gas collection cover: The fume hood adopts a top hood exhaust design, with an 8-12 inch exhaust port made of acid and alkali resistant PP material, equipped with a condensate collection trough to prevent condensation water from affecting the experimental results.

Window: Made of 6mm tempered glass, with a balanced lifting mechanism that can stop at any position, designed for ease of use.

Window handle: Made of special PVC material, ergonomically designed for ease of use and an elegant appearance.

Acid Fume Hood Parameters

Name:acid digestion laboratory hood
Spec/ InnerW1000*D750*H1030mmW1300*D750*H1030mmW1600*D750*H1030mm
Exhaust Air Rate1500-1700m3/h1700-1900m3/h1900-2100m3/h
Base Cabinet3 doors3 doors4 doors
Worksurface Height850mm
Max Opening750mm
Air Velocity0.3-0.5m/s (speed adjustable)
Body8mm Polypropylene (PP) plate, white color; Anti Strong Corrosive Chemicals
Work Top8mm Polypropylene plate, same material with body;
Optional: stainless steel, epoxy resin, ceramic, phenolic, etc.
Control SystemLCD/LED Display, with start/stop switch for vent exhaust fan, light, power, purify, etc.
Necessory but not includeExhaust blower, ductwork
Window6mm toughened glass
Water1*pp cup, with 1 single way brass water tap;
Sockets3pcs universal sockets. AC220±10%, 50/60Hz; 1*30mA electric leakage protector;
OptionalUV Lamp, gas,
Packing Size1270*920*1050mm






At ZH Lab, we offer a wide range of acid fume hoods in different dimensions. Our team works closely with you to determine the ideal chemical fume hood that suits your laboratory’s layout and unique needs. Reach out to us now to customize a chemical hood solution that caters to your extensive laboratory equipment requirements.

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