Laboratory Countertops

Laboratory countertop is very important in lab table selection. ZH lab work surface are available in a variety of materials, choosing the correct type of worktop depends on intended applications.

Epoxy Resin Lab Countertops

It is made from quality epoxy resin and quartz sand. Processed by being vacuumed and being baked under high temperature of around 200 degrees. It is allowed to polish by emery paper when somewhere is corroded by chemical. Epoxy is available in Black with optional colors for an additional charge. Phenolic lab countertops


Phenolic Resin Lab Countertops

It is made from a composite consisting of multiple layers of selected papers impregnated with special phenolic resins. Countertops are manufactured under heat and pressure to form a solid black chemical and corrosion-resistant composite throughout the entire thickness. Different colors and thicknesses are available; The black core is standard.

Stainless Lab Countertops

Countertops are formed from 304 stainless with reinforcement channels on the underside for added strength and rigidity. Backsplash are formed integrally with the countertop.

Granite Lab Countertops

It is mainly used for balance table with black finish. Perfect performance on hot resistant, but not good for chemical resistant.

Laboratory Countertops Specification

Black epoxy countertops and phenolic countertops are more popular compare with other colors. They are more economical and good chemical-resistant performance.

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