Phenolic Resin Casework

Phenolic resin is a specialized material designed to meet the unique requirements of laboratories. Its surface undergoes special chemical treatment, resulting in stronger chemical corrosion resistance. This highly stable material is exceptionally resistant to corrosion, bacteria, static electricity, and heat.

Phenolic resin tables are specifically used in wet areas where rust is a concern. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them popular in hospitals, chemical laboratories, physical laboratory worktops, and workbenches with high surface demands. The phenolic resin worktop is mainly composed of quality multiple-layer kraft paper, phenolic resin, and a special chemical resistance material, processed under high temperature and pressure. Its surface treatment enhances its chemical corrosion resistance even further.

Excellent performance: Phenolic resin exhibits impressive qualities such as impact resistance, non-toxicity, pollution-free attributes, bacteria resistance, chemical resistance, heat and smoke resistance, and ease of cleaning. Compared to epoxy resin worktops, phenolic resin is flatter and more stable in color, ensuring that sunlight does not cause any discoloration. Furthermore, it is not as hard as marble, allowing contractors to make small adjustments at the installation site.


Notable Features of Phenolic Resin Lab Bench

  • Rust-resistant, impact-resistant, and odor-absorbing.
  • Standard cabinet construction features 12.7mm thick chemically resistant phenolic casework in a full overlay style, with available thicknesses of 16mm and 19mm.
  • Standard color is black, while grey and green colors are also available. Custom colors are accepted, and all colors have a solid black core.
  • Particularly robust and durable, with a loading capacity of 700 lbs. /m2
  • Drawer slides are 100 lbs. fully extendable as standard.
  • Option for stainless steel folding hinges or stainless steel soft-closing hinges.
  • Phenolic resin lab bench requires virtually no maintenance throughout its product life.
  • Equipped with a leveling system that allows precise height adjustment.

Phenolic resin lab benches are high-standard laboratory products with excellent performance in lab environments. However, they come at a higher cost. Hence, it’s essential to choose this series only if it’s required for specific needs.

Phenolic Resin Casework Optional

Benchtop Racks: Entire racks made of phenolic resin for optimal laboratory performance. They are durable, chemical-resistant, scratch-resistant, and water-resistant.

Sinks: The standard includes PP sinks and three outlets goose water taps, with other options available.

Pegboard: Choose between PP pegboards in black color or stainless steel pegboards.

Eyewash: Deck-mounted eyewash beside the water source for first aid.

Casters: Our lab workstations and tables are movable, and casters can be added for enhanced mobility.


Black is the standard, grey and green is available. All colors have a solid black core.

Standard base casework is made by 12.7mm thickness, worktop is 16mm thickness. This design can save cost, and meet bearing requirements.

Yes, the modular design allows quickly shipment and easy maintenance in case there is any damage.

Yes, the casework is already installed in our factory, C/H legs are welding structure, you only need to put the screw in pre-made holes and connect the parts together. Finally, We will provide installation drawing to make installation easier. We also can provide installation video if needed.

No, this design is expensive compare with others, although it has excellent performance in laboratory environment. Steel lab table has similar performance, but much cheaper. Metal frame wood lab table, has modern finish and attractive price. Stainless steel lab table is widely used in clean room.

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