Portable Eyewash Station

Portable eyewash station is designed specifically for where there is no water or need to change work place. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, petrochemical, electronic, metallurgy, education, research center, etc.;

15 Minute Portable Emergency Eyewash Station Features

  • Sustainable water more than 15 minutes, it’s enough to wash eyes and face;
  • Total volume-14gallon (53L);66*5*24cm;
  • Eyewash flow ≧1.5L/min. The principle of slow pressure design is that the water flow is soft and will not cause damage to the eyes.
  • High density non-toxic polyethylene, integrally formed so that the product is evenly fixed and firm. Surface anti-skid treatment.
  • Large-caliber water injection port is convenient for water injection without sprinkling water, thicker caliber.
  • Available finish, yellow, green or green;
  • Outdoor waterproof label, waterproof, corrosion resistant, and not easy to fall off.
  • Curved handle-Ergonomic design with thickened curved two-handless.
  • Steel cart is304ss material;
  • Includes: heavy duty wheels, 2 with lockers, metal frame and a waste water collection bucket;
  • Loading capacity, 200lbs.
  • Packing: 93*52*64cmAmerican Standard ANSI Z 358.1-2014

Pay attention: Pure water should be replaced every 90days, physiological saline should be replaced every 120 days;

General Principles for Setting Mobile Eye Wash Station

  • The eyewash is installed in hazardous chemical areas, and the time to reach the eyewash does not exceed 10 seconds.
  • Rescue range: within 15 meters
  • There are no electrical switches around the eyewash to prevent accidents.
  • It must connect drink or purified water.
  • There should have a sewer or wastewater treatment tank.

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