Stainless Steel Table With Cabinet & Drawer

The stainless table with cabinet is thoughtfully designed to provide ample knee space and maximum storage capacity. It also features stainless steel countertops, base cabinets, wash areas, and sinks, making it ideal for facilities that prioritize sanitization and sterilization. Our stainless steel casework shares the same construction details as our steel cabinets, ensuring consistency and durability throughout our product range.

Stainless Steel Work Table with Cabinet


Perfectly suited for laboratory, research, medical device, microelectronic, and pharmaceutical processes, among others.


The stainless steel cabinet table features a 304 stainless steel base cabinet, countertop, and wash area. Its easy-to-clean design makes it ideal for applications requiring frequent wipe-downs. The smooth, continuous-seam welds eliminate cracks and crevices that can harbor contaminants.

Base Casework:

This workstation provides effective and easily accessible storage space underneath, promoting a clean and tidy lab environment.


Each stainless table with cabinet is equipped with doors, drawers, and an adjustable shelf, ensuring convenient storage options.

Standard Base Cabinet: (Provided without locks)

Standard-Base-Cabinet stianless

The standard cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel, W850mm-double doors, W450mm-single doors;


The entire cabinet is constructed from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, capable of supporting up to 700lbs.


All cabinet component parts are skillfully manufactured, ensuring strength and safety during shipment.

Doors and Drawer Front:

The doors and drawer front are designed with a double wall structure and sound deadening, providing enhanced durability.



The standard countertop is crafted from 304 stainless steel, offering excellent performance. Alternatively, epoxy resin countertops are available as an option, known for their resistance to organic compounds, acids, and solvents.


The stainless steel cabinet table is equipped with smooth, chemical-resistant, and adjustable nylon leveling feet, ensuring stability on uneven floors.


The wash area includes a 304 stainless steel sink and water tap. The one-piece sink specification is approximately 500*400*300mm, featuring rounded corners. The 304 stainless steel water tap can be configured for cold use or a mix of cold and hot water.

Stainless Table with Cabinet Optional

Benchtop shelves: The main frame is constructed from 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1.2mm. The shelf is made of reinforcing glass with a thickness of 12mm, along with stainless steel tubes for guardrails. The shelves are adjustable, providing additional storage space.

Pegboard: The worktable offers the option of a PP pegboard in black color or a stainless steel pegboard to match the table’s color scheme.

Eyewash: A deck-mounted eyewash is included beside the water area, ensuring quick access for emergency first aid.


Sure, the although the base casework is modular,

Stainless table with cabinet is renowned for their corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, and exceptional durability, making them the top choice for laboratory settings. With stainless steel, the growth of bacteria is effectively prevented, ensuring a hygienic and clean laboratory environment.

stainless steel cabinet tables find their applications in diverse settings, including laboratories, research institutes, medical facilities, microelectronics industries, pharmaceutical companies, and other fields. Their exceptional performance makes them indispensable in areas demanding high hygiene standards and cleanliness.

The maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel work table with cabinets are hassle-free. Simply use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to wipe the surface, and it will maintain its shine and hygiene. Avoid using harsh chemicals that might cause damage to the stainless steel.

Absolutely! Stainless table with cabinets can be fully customized to cater to your lab’s specific needs. You have the flexibility to choose from various sizes, configurations, and accessories, allowing for a tailored solution to meet your precise experimental demands.

Yes, many stainless steel lab tables are designed with adjustable features, such as height-adjustable legs or wheels, providing the convenience to modify the table’s height or move it effortlessly to suit your needs.

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