Modular Steel Laboratory Casework

Modular steel laboratory casework stands as the optimal choice for any laboratory, offering not only long-lasting durability but also ease of cleaning. Well-maintained steel can serve for decades without the need for replacement. Our steel casework is exquisitely designed with perfect manufacturing, specially crafted for laboratory environments. It boasts chemical resistance, water resistance, and scratch resistance.

Key Features of Metal Lab Casework

  • Heavy-duty construction with a loading capacity of 300kgs/m2.
  • 100 lb. full extension drawer suspension for smooth operation.
  • Utilization of renowned brand hinges, providing a soft and silent function with options for 110 degrees or 175 degrees rotation. It exceeds 50,000 usage cycles, exhibiting strong anti-rust and corrosion resistance, adhering to international hardware industry standards.
  • Modular design allows for simple field conversion from inset to overlay, door and drawer re-configurations, and hardware component changes.
  • Standard cabinet specification includes W450mm-one door one drawer cabinet and W850mm-two doors two drawers cabinet.
  • Each cabinet is equipped with drawers, doors, and one adjustable shelf for convenient storage.
  • Doors and drawer panels are double wall structured with sound-deadening materials in between.
  • Made entirely of 1.0mm thickness high-quality cold-rolled steel, with a welding structure that provides strength and durability.
  • The best paint treatments are applied to guarantee its durability.

Standard Base Cabinet: (Provided without locks)

Standard Base Cabinet

Popular Color for Painted Steel Casework

Popular Color for steel casework

Steel Lab Casework Paint Treatments Requirements

  • Each piece undergoes a phosphatizing process before painting.
  • A coating of epoxy resin powder is applied through electrostatic application and baked at high temperatures to provide a uniform finish and chemical resistance suitable for lab environments.
  • The paint is applied throughout the interior and exterior of the furniture, ensuring that every component is individually painted, leaving no area vulnerable to corrosion due to a lack of paint coverage.

Steel Laboratory Casework Optional

Benchtop shelves: The main frame is made of cold-rolled steel with 1.2mm thickness, coated with epoxy powder. The shelf is made of reinforcing glass with a 12mm thickness and stainless steel tube serving as a guardrail. The shelves are adjustable.

Sink: Stainless steel is popular in the international market, but PP, epoxy resin, and ceramic sinks are also available.

Water faucet and gas tap.

Pegboard: Choose between PP pegboard in black color or stainless steel pegboard in its color.

Eyewash: A deck-mounted eyewash is placed beside the water source for first aid.

Casters: Our lab workstations and tables can be easily moved, and casters can be added for enhanced mobility.

TypesAccessoriesDetailsLoading CapacityMaterial and Surface Finishing
StandardHinges110 degree, soft closing (175 degree available)100lbsStainless steel, stainless steel color
StandardSliderNot soft closing100lbsZinc alloy, black or silver color
SpecialHinges270 degree, not soft closing100lbsZinc alloy, black color
SpecialSliderHeavy Bearing, Not soft closing100lbsZinc alloy, black or silver color


Stainless steel, painted steel, wood, phenolic resin and specialty requests.

Yes, the modular design allows quickly shipment and easy maintenance in case there is any damage.

Lab workstations and tables are available in different types of chemical-resistant tabletop materials such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, stainless steel, and more.

Yes, our lab workstations and tables can be moved and casters can be added.

No. We can provide the full design, layout, and build that an architect and contractor can offer. That saves you a lot of money!

Our highly trained laboratory specialists can provide full design, CAD drawings, rivet files, architectural drawings, specifications, project estimates.

Yes, OEM/ODM service is available. Our experienced workers will fully understand the requirements and do the designs until you satisfied.

T/T, Western Union. We will only ask for little part of deposit for the production arrangement, then we will offer pictures or video for quality checking. After the products are well packed and marked users name, the balance is needed. And you are welcome to visit us for quality checking.

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