Walk in Chemical Fume Hood

Unlike traditional fume hoods, which are typically small and enclosed, walk-in fume hoods allow the user to place large items into the hood at floor level,Meanwhile, operators can walk into the fume hood to operate the equipment conveniently and directly. It is widely used in industrial settings, pharmaceutical research facilities, and chemical manufacturing plants where large-scale experiments and processes are conducted.

Walk-in fume hoods are equipped with powerful ventilation systems that effectively capture and remove toxic fumes, gases, and vapors from the workspace. This helps to protect researchers and laboratory personnel from exposure to harmful chemicals, ensuring their safety while working with hazardous materials.

In addition to providing a safe working environment, walk-in chemical fume hoods also offer a high level of flexibility and convenience. The spacious interior of these hoods allows researchers to move freely and conduct experiments with ease, without feeling cramped or restricted by limited space.

Furthermore, walk-in chemical fume hoods are designed to be highly customizable, allowing for the integration of specialized equipment and features to meet specific laboratory requirements. This can include the installation of additional exhaust systems, filtration units, and monitoring devices to enhance the overall performance and safety of the fume hood.

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, walk-in fume cupboards are relatively easy to manage due to their larger size and accessibility. This makes it easier for laboratory personnel to conduct routine inspections, repairs, and cleaning procedures, ensuring that the fume hood remains in optimal working condition at all times.

In conclusion, walk-in fume cupboards are an essential component of laboratory safety and are particularly well-suited for handling large quantities of hazardous materials. Their spacious design, powerful ventilation systems, and customizability make them a valuable asset for research facilities and industrial laboratories where safety and efficiency are top priorities.

Key Features of Walk in Fume Cupboard

  • fume-hood-testSEFA 1 High Performance Hood.
  • A patented design.
  • By-pass airflow design.
  • LED/LCD controller
  • Leakage protector
  • Glacier white powder-coated steel frame.
  • Ergonomic air foil with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings.
  • Clear, 6mm thick, tempered safety glass sides, back and removable baffle.
  • Window can be stopped at any position.
  • Powder-coated sash handle with aerodynamic Clean-Sweep airflow openings.
  • Pre-wired LED lighting, light switch and blower switch.
  • Removable front panel, side panels and interior cover plates for access to plumbing and electrical wiring.
  • Powder-coated stainless steel 250mm exhaust connection.

Walk in Fume Hood Details

Walk in fume hood inner:

Made by 5mm compact board; Three stage guide flow exhaust design, with a thickness of 5mm, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, fire retardant and smooth; Density greater than 1.45g/cm3, test method according to GB/T 17657-2013, tensile strength greater than 74Mpa, 24-hour water absorption rate less than 1%, surface resistance to dry and wet heat up to level 5, surface resistance to cigarette combustion performance up to level 5, horizontal and vertical stability at 70 degrees Celsius within 24 hours less than -0.13%, impact resistance test results show no surface damage, static bending strength not less than 115Mpa;

fume hood body

Walk in fume hood body:

he steel part is made of 1.2mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate (SPCCT), which is laser cut, CNC bent, high-frequency automatic welding. The surface undergoes eleven processes including oil removal, rust removal, phosphating, etc. It is treated with high-temperature curing and anti-corrosion (Akzo Nobel epoxy resin powder), with a coating thickness of 80μm; It has good flexibility, strong load-bearing capacity, strong impact resistance, and is not easily rusted even when exposed to air for a long time. It is durable and has good fire and corrosion resistance.

Walk in Fume Hood Advantages

1) The main columns on both sides are designed with diagonal angles, allowing air to flow smoothly into the interior of the fume hood. The functional modules are all removable (no screws needed) which are easy for installation and maintenance. There is a microcomputer LCD display which has functions such as operating lighting, electric control valves, and fans; Provide 6 spare function holes;

2) The fume hood has a convenient automatic limit function. At the same time, the handle conforms to the principle of airflow and has no dead corners, allowing air to smoothly enter the cabinet.

3) The load-bearing frame is made by 40 * 60 * 2.0 mm square tubes; There are 4 universal sockets (13A)on the front panel, certified by 3C; Equipped with circuit overload and short circuit protection devices; Reserve water and electricity channels for easy installation of water, power, gas, etc.

4) Window: special shape aluminum, can be stopped at any position; Specially made 6mm tempered explosion-proof glass, sliding up and down smoothly without any sound (≤ 1kgf to lift), meanwhile the glass window bearing 150kg without breaking.

Walk in Fume Cupboard Parameters

Spec/ InnerW950*D710*H1030mmW1250*D710*H1030mmW1550*D710*H1030mm
Exhaust Air Rate855m3/h1125m3/h1395m3/h
Base Cabinet3 doors3 doors4 doors
Storage cabinet or flammable design
Worksurface Height850mm
Max Opening750mm
Air Velocity0.5m/s (speed adjustable)
Body1.2mm cold rolled steel coated with epoxy resin powder;
Optional: 304 stainless steel; flammable design for explosion proof;
Work Top12.7mm Phenolic Resin, black color; Height 850mm. Others available
Optional: stainless steel, epoxy resin, ceramic;
Control SystemLCD/LED Display, with start/stop switch for vent exhaust fan, light, power, purify, etc.
UV LampEmission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination;
Baffle Plate5mm compact sheet
Window6mm toughened glass
Water1*pp cup, with 1 single way brass water tap; remote control.
Sockets4pcs universal sockets, AC220±10%, 50/60Hz; 1*30mA electric leakage protector;
Necessary (not include)exhaust blower, ductwork
Packing Size1270*920*1050mm






Our walk in fume hoods are designed to provide the necessary personal protection for a wide range of general chemistry applications involving fumes and vapors. They are compliant with the SEFA-1 standard for low-velocity, high-performance hoods and can be safely operated at velocities as low as 0.3m/s (60 fpm).

The base stand also can be flammable cabinet, this kind of hood is called explosion proof fume hood. It is modified to eliminate spark potential outside the fume hood, and consequently reduce the chances of igniting a flammable atmosphere. They are not designed to contain explosions.

ZH Lab Solutions specializes in the design and installation of walk in chemical fume hoods in various sizes. We collaborate with you to identify the perfect walk in  lab fume hood model for your laboratory space and specific requirements. Contact our professionals and ask a quotation today.

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