Wood Lab Table

Our wood lab table is expertly designed with a metal frame to ensure it is heavy-duty and durable, capable of bearing up to 300kgs/m2. Its epoxy resin powder-coated surface provides excellent resistance to chemicals, scratches, and water. This type of lab table is commonly used in school laboratories due to its durability and affordability.

Moreover, our wood cabinets come in various shapes with a fashionable appearance. To ensure optimal performance in lab environments, we adhere to strict production policies, such as edging all exposed fronts of the body with 2.0mm PVC tape using hot-melt glue at a temperature of 205 degrees Celsius.


Key Features of Wood Lab Casework

  • Includes a metal frame for extended durability.
  • Modular cabinets allow for easy swapping of doors and drawers based on specific needs.
  • We prioritize the health of lab technicians by using only E1 grade wood boards.
  • The wood lab table is easy to clean and water-resistant.
  • Boasts a loading capacity of 700lbs/m2.
  • Available in a wide range of colors to meet different requirements.
  • Materials available include MDF and marine plywood.
  • Offers a low-cost option compared to other types of lab furniture.

Metal Frame

metal frame for lab table

Metal legs are made of a 60*40*1.5mm galvanized steel tube, passing through a phosphatizing process before painting. coated with electrostatic application of epoxy resin powder and will be baked at high temperatures , to provide a uniform finish and resistance to chemicals as required in lab environments. With a leveling system that allows them to adjust the precise height of the furniture.

Lab Grade Cabinet-Easy Storage and Durable

Lab Grade CabinetThe cabinet body is constructed from 18mm thick laminated wood boards, and the exposed fronts are edged with 2.0mm PVC tape. The design includes drawers and doors for easy storage. The standard material is melamine-laminated medium-density fiberboard (marine plywood is also available) with widths of 900mm or 450mm. The modular design enables doors and drawers to be easily swapped out based on specific needs. For mobility, you can add universal wheels to move the base cabinet anywhere you like. However, please note that it is not suitable for use in humid circumstances.

Popular Color for Wood Casework

Popular Color for Wood Casework

Wood Laboratory Casework Accessories

  • Choose from 304 stainless steel handles or aluminum integrated embedded handles.
  • Utilize famous brand hinges, offering soft and silent functionality with options for 110 degrees or 175 degrees rotation. These hinges boast strong anti-rust and corrosion resistance, meeting international hardware industry standards.
  • Drawer rails are silent, with a loading capacity of 45kgs. Select from soft-closing or heavy-duty designs.
  • Our PU universal wheels are silent and smooth, with 2 of them equipped with a locker.

Wood Casework Optional

Benchtop Shelves: The main frame is made of cold-rolled steel with a 1.2mm thickness, coated with epoxy powder. The shelf is reinforced with 12mm thick glass and stainless steel tubes serving as guardrails. These shelves are adjustable.

Sinks: Choose from stainless steel, PP, epoxy resin, or ceramic sinks.

Water Faucet and Gas Tap.

Pegboard: Opt for PP pegboards in black color or stainless steel pegboards.

Eyewash: Install a deck-mounted eyewash beside the water source for first aid.

Casters: Our lab workstations and tables can be easily moved, and casters can be added for enhanced mobility.


TypesAccessoriesDetailsLoading CapacityMaterial and Surface Finishing
StandardHinges110 degree, soft closing (175 degree available)100lbsStainless steel, stainless steel color
StandardSliderNot soft closing100lbsZinc alloy, black or silver color
SpecialHinges270 degree, not soft closing100lbsZinc alloy, black color
SpecialSliderHeavy Bearing, Not soft closing100lbsZinc alloy, black or silver color


Yes, we added metal frame for the wood lab table, it can extend the service life. And our designs loading capacity is 700lbs./m2.

Standard is melamine faced MDF, marine plywood is available and specialty requests.

Yes, fire-resistant top is widely used in laboratory. Our HPL board is rich in color. There is always one that suits you.

Yes, the modular design allows quickly shipment and easy maintenance in case there is any damage.

Yes, our lab workstations and tables can be moved and casters can be added.

Yes, the casework is already installed in our factory, C/H legs are welding structure, you only need to put the screw in pre-made holes and connect the parts together. Finally, We will provide installation drawing to make installation easier. We also can provide installation video if needed.

Lab workstations and tables are available in different types of chemical-resistant tabletop materials such as epoxy resin, phenolic resin, stainless steel, and more.

No. We can provide the full design, layout, and build that an architect and contractor can offer. That saves you a lot of money!

Our highly trained laboratory specialists can provide full design, CAD drawings, rivet files, architectural drawings, specifications, project estimates.

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