Laboratory Fume Hood

ZH laboratory fume hoods are designed with features that surpass industry standards in every respect. Our High-performance lab fume hoods are 0.5m/s or less face velocity, maximum opening 750mm, tested by ASHRAE110. All ZH lab fume hoods are constructed of a highly corrosion-resistant compact resin board, designed to outlast standard painted metal fume hoods. They are built for high performance to provide the highest levels of safety, energy efficiency and performance.

Explore a comprehensive range of laboratory fume hoods tailored to meet your specific requirements at ZH Lab, a global leader in fume hood manufacturing.

Types of Laboratory Fume Hoods:

Fume Hood Advantages

Fume hoods play a critical role in protecting users from harmful fumes emitted by acids, dangerous gases, and organic solutions. Our fume hoods effectively remove noxious chemical fumes from the controlled environment, creating a safe and pleasant work environment. Equipped with an external fan installed on the roof or an external wall, our chemical fume hoods offer a quick and cost-effective means to exhaust hazardous chemicals away from your work area.

At ZH Lab, we are committed to exceeding the highest safety, efficiency, and reliability standards. As a trusted fume hood manufacturer, our expertise ensures that we deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Experience the ZH Lab difference and discover the perfect laboratory fume hood solution for your applications.

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Our collection includes an array of fume hoods designed to support various applications:

  • Chemical fume hoods: Most popular design, made by cold rolled steel; Which can safeguard your laboratory environment with unsurpassed chemical containment features
  • Educational fume hoods: Full view hoods, made by cold rolled steel, with big clear glass window; which allow high visibility for classrooms and laboratory demonstrations.
  • Floor-mounted fume hoods: Combine optimal ventilation with a spacious interior for your application
  • Special application fume hoods: Polypropylene or stainless steel hoods for high density acid and alkali;

Lab fume hood is an indispensable part of the design of laboratory ventilation. In order to make the laboratory staff do not inhale some toxic chemical substances and organisms, the laboratory should have good ventilation. The main function of a chemical fume hood is exhaust, it’s the lab safety equipment for protection from dangerous materials (protect the user from inhaling toxic gases; protect the products or experiment; protect the environment).

Explosion Proof Fume Hood is used to store flammable liquid chemicals, its base cabinet is a double wall structure with insulating air space; Others are the same as the standard design.

If the above is not suitable, no worries, just send us the requirements; ZH is the real manufacturer of lab system furniture, who can provide OEM service.