316 Stainless Steel Cleanroom Lab Tables

316 Stainless Steel Cleanroom Lab Tables

The Client: A Professional Supplier for Dent Laboratory-United States

This company has a strong team of qualified dental experts who collectively may be considered the strongest, highest quality dental team in NY. They only deliver the highest possible quality & service to their customers.

The owner found us from Internet, and have good communication with us. We provided products videos, factory pictures, certificates, CAD drawings and brochures. He is really glad to our easy communication, and send the first order

Features of 316 Stainless Steel Cleanroom Lab Tables and Storage Racks

This is a government project, very big one. He attached his eyes on it. The owner only wants highest quality. So, finally, he decided to use 316 stainless steel which has very good performance on water resistant, chemical resistant.

Our Fully encapsulated stainless steel work surface is ideal for high-end applications where cleanliness is critical; Prevent contaminates from entering exposed edges and surfaces with no ability to clean. Smooth rounded edges increases operator comfort, reduces particulate shedding from abrasive edges. Stainless steel resists harsh biocides and alcohol-based cleaners.

Countertop is made by 316 Stainless Steel, With reinforcement on the underside to add strength; Legs are made by 50*50*1.2mm 316ss tube. He added some big sinks on several tables for easy cleaning. Racks include 5 adjustable shelves and each shelf can load 200kgs.

Before packing, we offered videos and pictures for quality checking. He was very glad with our quality. And then send the second order-lab carts. The third project-pass box is under discussion.

316 Stainless Steel Cleanroom Lab Tables 2


The installation is very easy. Check bellow drawings, one table only include legs, links and worktops. And the screw holes are premade. Meanwhile we will provide instructions to make it easier.

stainless steel lab table installation

What Clients Say About Us

Some of the comments our clients have offered about working with ZH LAB are, “their enthusiasm is contagious,” “I really appreciated their suggestions regarding my case,” “Working with ZH LAB is an absolute joy!” “I am very confident sending all my work to ZH LAB, I can trust them for high quality work on all my cases.”

Why US:

We are the biggest lab furniture manufacture in Guangzhou, China. Our advantages:

  1.  20000 sq.mproducing center
  2.  computer controlled automatic cutting and painting production line ( we have 3 different production center-metal, wooden, worktop)
  3. Price is competitive

At our local area, there are many raw material manufacturers and we keep good relationship with them. We have large and stable purchase quantity from them monthly.

  1. You are far away from clients complains.

2 years free warranty, and we will offer spare parts for accessories.

  1.  24hours reply service.

What we can do:

  1. high quality products: lab worktables, flammable cabinets, corrosive cabinets, vented chemical cabinets,  storage cabinets, safety showers, eyewash, etc.

Our QC department will control the quality from Material to packing. We will install and check each design before shipment.

  1. Free design

We will work with clients together to win project. Provide design, detailed brochure and competitive price.

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