What are the full sets of laboratory equipment?

For newly established laboratories, the planning of early equipment is important. Depending on the purpose of the laboratory, the equipment is slightly different. However, generally speaking, the full set of laboratory equipment usually includes laboratory benches, fume hoods, reagent cabinets, gas cylinder cabinets and other laboratory complete sets of equipment, as follows:

1. Laboratory bench: central station, steel and wood unilateral test bench, laboratory side bench, sky platform;

2. Experimental bench tops: epoxy resin tops, ceramic board tops, corrosion-resistant physical and chemical board tops, etc.;

3. Fume hood series: plate-type through-wind hood, steel-wood fume hood, new all-steel fume hood, floor-standing all-steel fume hood;

4. Cabinet series; reagent cabinets, utensil cabinets, gas cylinder cabinets, safety cabinets, lockers, shoe cabinets;

5. Reagent rack: plate reagent rack, steel glass central reagent rack, German reagent rack, waterproof socket, experimental stool;

6. Laboratory professional bucket series: eyewash, emergency shower, laboratory special faucet;

7. Laboratory ventilation system: atomic suction hood, universal suction hood;

8. Office partition series: desk, office chair.

In addition, laboratory instruments are also part of the complete laboratory equipment, such as:

1. Gas chromatograph or gas chromatography/mass spectrometer

2. Liquid chromatography or liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry

3. UV spectrophotometer

4. Infrared Spectrophotometer

5. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer

6. Atomic Fluorescence Photometer

7. Plasma Emission Spectroscopy

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