Chemical Safety Storage Cabinet

Lab safety cabinet is the ideal choice for anywhere hazardous liquid need to be stored safely and securely. We are proud to offer different types of chemical safety storage cabinets with top quality.

Our chemical storage cabinets include:

  • Flammable safety cabinet
  • Polypropylene acid cabinet / corrosive cabinet
  • Pesticide storage cabinet
  • Vented chemical storage cabinets
  • Filing cabinet safety

Check ZH’s Hazardous Substance Storage Cabinet:

To reduce or avoid potential hazards, store different chemicals in appropriate cabinets. Identify the types and locations of chemicals in your facility. Ensure proper containers and labeling for all chemicals. Maintain safety data sheets for emergencies. Metal cabinets are generally the best choice for most chemicals.

For reagents prone to pollutants, tightly seal and store them separately. Reagents prone to gas generation should not be tightly packaged and require good ventilation. Corrosive reagents need support from a chemical resistant tray with a leak-proof sump to catch drips. Our heavy-duty lab safety cabinets are perfect for research, quality control, and educational lab environments.


ZH Lab is the leading supplier of chemical safety storage cabinets. Our metal cabinets are made of 1.0 mm steel sheet, precision-cut using laser technology with an error difference of less than 0.1 mm. They are CNC folded, fully welded, and coated with epoxy resin powder for superior chemical resistance. For acid corrosive storage, we offer white polypropylene cabinets with seamless welding for high-density storage. Standard cabinets are in stock, ready to ship within 7 days. Customization is available to fit any lab space. Contact ZH Lab professionals for more information.

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Chemical Safety Storage Cabinet FAQ:

Chemical storage cabinets come in various types, such as acid storage cabinets, alkali storage cabinets, combustible storage cabinets, organic storage cabinets, corrosive storage cabinets, and more.

chemical safety storage cabinets serve as a safety measure to store and safeguard laboratory chemicals. It effectively reduces chemical risks and ensures a secure working environment.

When selecting a hazardous chemical storage cabinet, consider the material’s corrosion resistance, fire resistance, the types of chemicals to be stored, size and capacity, and certification for compliance with safety regulations and standards.

The lifespan of a hazardous substance storage cabinet depends on factors like material quality, frequency of use, and maintenance conditions. With proper use and maintenance, these cabinets can last for several years to even decades, but actual life expectancy varies depending on individual circumstances.