Safety Shower and Eye Wash Station

Eyewash shower station is the emergency rescue facilities used in toxic and harmful environment; These devices can be emergency wash or shower When harmful chemicals splash to staff’s body, face, eyes. The mainly function is to avoid further damage caused by chemical substances, but these devices can’t replace medical.

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Eyewash shower is a necessary equipment for safety and labor protection, as well as an emergency and protective facility for occasions where toxic and corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis, and organic substances are exposed. There is a dust cover on each spray head of the eye washer. The valve of the eyewash is easy to operate and has anti-corrosion function. The spray head of the eye washer has a filter to prevent debris in the water from causing damage to the human eye. Meanwhile, The main valve of the emergency sprinkler device should be in a normally open state, and there should be no obstacles below the sprinkler head. It is not possible to replace the emergency sprinkler device with a normal shower device.

Eyewash Shower Station Structure

  • Pedestal: used to fix the eye washer;
  • Wash Area: Prevent the water from washing eyes and spraying from flowing out.
  • Eyewash Shower Head: The spray system is used to spray and wash the whole body, and the eyewash system is used to wash the eyes, face, neck, or arms.
  • Dust cover: A dustproof device used to protect the eye wash nozzle.
  • Valve: A valve device used to open and close water flow.
  • Filter: used to filter out debris entering the eye washer.

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General Principles for Setting Eyewash Shower Station

  • The eyewash is installed in hazardous chemical areas, and the time to reach the eyewash does not exceed 10 seconds.
  • Rescue range: within 15 meters
  • There are no electrical switches around the eyewash to prevent accidents.
  • There should have a sewer or wastewater treatment tank.