Acid Cabinet/ Corrosive Cabinet

We offer two types of acid and corrosive storage cabinets: the blue acid cabinet (metal) and the polypropylene acid cabinet. The polypropylene cabinet is designed for storing strong acids and alkalis. These include sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and more. These corrosive cabinets come in various sizes to suit specific applications.

Advantages of Our Polypropylene Cabinet

  • Available in 4-gallon, 12-gallon, 30-gallon, 45-gallon, 60-gallon, and 90-gallon specifications.
  • The material used is 8 mm white PP board which is high quality and anti-shock. It is welded together using a welding bar of the same color and property. This prevents rust or corrosion.
  • All cabinets have a liquid-tight, all-welded interior to contain accidental spills, with a liquid-tight trough to hold spillage.
  • The shelves have adjustable leakage-proof features that you can easily remove for cleaning.
  • Clear warning label “corrosive” for easy identification.
  • Hinges and handles are made of polypropylene, 304 stainless steel screws for added durability.
  • Two manually-operated latches for enhanced security.
  • Adjustable leveling feet for stability.
  • Big order OEM service available.


Our acid chemical storage cabinets offer a secure and reliable solution for safely storing corrosive substances. Constructed with top-quality materials, these cabinets are specifically designed to resist corrosion and prevent any potential leaks, ensuring a safe storage environment.

The cabinets are available in various sizes, allowing you to select the one that best suits your requirements. With adjustable shelves and reliable locks, they provide easy organization and enhanced safety. Clear warning labels on the cabinets aid in easily identifying their contents.

These cabinets are important for labs or facilities that handle corrosive chemicals, as they provide a safe and compliant workspace. Keep your workspace protected and in line with regulations with these dependable storage solutions.

Please note that corrosive cabinets are not suitable for storing flammable chemicals, which have different storage requirements.

The blue acid cabinet shares similar features with the flammable safety cabinet but comes with a blue finish. Additionally, you can add a PP tray to extend its service life.

Standard Specification of Acid Corrosive Storage Cabinets

4 Gallon430*430*560mm1 adjustable shelfsingle doormanual close or self-closing
12 Gallon590*460*890mm1 adjustable shelfsingle doormanual close or self-closing
30 Gallon1090*460*1120mm1 adjustable shelfdouble doormanual close or self-closing
45 Gallon1090*460*1650mm2 adjustable shelvesdouble doormanual close or self-closing
60 Gallon860*860*1650mm2 adjustable shelvesdouble doormanual close or self-closing
90 Gallon1090*860*1650mm2 adjustable shelvesdouble doormanual close or self-closing
110 Gallon1500*860*1650mm2 adjustable shelvesdouble doormanual close or self-closing


Selecting the right acid corrosive cabinet involves considering material compatibility, size, ventilation, safety features, compliance, quality, and budget. Partner with a reputable supplier for a secure laboratory environment.

Polypropylene acid cabinets differ from metal ones in material composition. Polypropylene cabinets are made of anti-corrosive plastic, ideal for storing acids, while metal cabinets are not suitable due to potential chemical reactions.

Selecting the correct size acid corrosive storage cabinets depend on the chemicals’ quantity and types. Ensure the cabinet accommodates current needs and allows room for future storage. Adhere to safety guidelines and local regulations while making your choice.

Yes, you can customize the shelving arrangement inside acid storage cabinets. Adjustable shelves allow flexibility to accommodate various container sizes and optimize storage space for your specific needs.

No, acid corrosive cabinets are not suitable for storing flammable substances. Flammable chemicals have different storage requirements, and using acid corrosive cabinets for flammable substances can pose serious safety risks. It’s important to use the right type of storage cabinet for each chemical category.

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