Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables


The Client: A Global Provider for Hospitals and Other Facilities-Holland

This company has branch offices in some countries from which clients can be served directly. Over the last 25 years, this company has implemented hundreds of health projects in over 75 countries for our well-respected client list; the World Bank, United Nations, European Union, KfW, African Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, other donor organizations and private health care facilities. Services include project development, planning, procurement, installation and maintenance of healthcare facilities. The purchasing department found us from Google search, and we work closely to win the tender. Now, we have cooperated for several years. Their procurement department conducted a 2-day in-depth inspection of us. Now, they send all the furniture orders to us.

Features of Stainless Steel Cleanroom Tables

This series of tables are very high requirements, heavy duty and nice fashion. Our Fully encapsulated stainless steel work surface is ideal for high-end applications where cleanliness is critical; Prevents contaminants from entering exposed edges and surfaces with no ability to clean. Smooth rounded edges increase operator comfort and reduce particulate shedding from abrasive edges. Stainless steel resists harsh biocides and alcohol-based cleaners.

The countertop is made of 304 Stainless Steel, With reinforcement on the underside to add strength; Perforated design. Perforated tops open up 40% of the total surface for airflow. The frame is 50*50*1.5mm square tube, 304ss material.


The screw hole is prepared, so the installation is very easy. And we will provide instructions to make it easier. Their installation team finished the work excellently finally.

Why US:

We are the biggest lab furniture manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. Our advantages:

  1.  20000 sq. producing center
  2.  computer-controlled automatic cutting and painting production line ( we have 3 different productions center-metal, wooden, and worktop)
  3. Price is competitive

In our local area, there are many raw material manufacturers and we keep good relationships with them. We have a large and stable purchase quantity from them monthly.

  1. You are far away from clients’ complaints.

2 years free warranty, and we will offer spare parts for accessories.

  1.  24-hour reply service.

What we can do:

  1. high-quality products: lab worktables, flammable cabinets, corrosive cabinets, vented chemical cabinets,  storage cabinets, safety showers, eyewash, etc.

Our QC department will control the quality from Material to packing. We will install and check each design before shipment.

  1. Free design

We will work with clients together to win projects. Provide design, detailed brochure and competitive price.

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